Torturer Raullin loves a work challenge, especially if that challenge involves hurting people to extract information from them. Spending most of his waking hours in a dank dungeon, surrounded by pain and misery, and with only himself for company (prisoners don't count) has started to take its toll on Raullin's mental state. Hearing voices is nothing new for him. However, this one voice does seem to have some peculiar ideas when it comes to dealing with Victor, who was the last person seen in Lady Minerva's company before her disappearance.

As the product of two FX artists' wicked imaginations, this 18 minute short will be a true feast for lovers of horror movies and gore.

The story is written by FX artist Desirée Van De Laar, with the specific goal of adding as much gore and other practical FX into a short story as possible. It is infused with dark humour, entertaining characters and a few twists along the way.

It was directed by Brian Rowe, whose decades-long experience as a FX artist ensured that the FX are brought to the screen as disconcertingly as possible. Collaborating with experienced cinematographer Raymond Tuquero guaranteed excellent visuals and a high production value.

The short was shot in June 2023 in Ancaster, ON, and is currently in post production.

From Photo-op to Film

When they're not working on effects for productions, the artists of Locked in the Cellar Creations like to unleash their creativity on twisted creations like their interactive photo experiences. The Dungeon of Death originated as an interactive photo-op, that has been set up at events like Frightmare in the Falls (Niagara Falls, ON) and Shock-Stock (London, ON).  It is a portable dungeon set (handcarved out of foam) with a torture table that allows people to pose as if their body has been flayed open. This setting proved to be the perfect inspiration for an FX based short film.

The Team

Desirée Van De Laar

Writer / FX Artist

Desirée has been the driving force behind Locked in the Cellar Creations since it's official foundation almost 10 years ago. She wears many hats, including FX artist, operations manager, and client contact. The role of writer and producer is new to her, but fits like a glove. 

Brian Rowe

Director / FX Artist

Brian is the original founder of Locked in the Cellar Creations. He has been making FX make-ups, creatures and props for as long as he can remember, always pushing to make his creations look as gruesome as possible. 

In addition to being an FX Artist, Brian is an Honors Graduate from Humber College Film & Television Production Program, specializing in Directing and Sound. He was very excited to putting his director's skills back to work.

Michael Masurkevitch

Actor "Victor"

Michael's passion for acting is driven by his love of feeling the emotions of the characters he is portraying. Having been mutilated and killed by the Locked in the Cellar team several times already (on screen of course), he was the perfect candidate to play the part of the torture victim.


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